As an impressionist artist, I feel and experience intensely the impressions of the world that I'm immersed in not so much as logical and with words but rather as a rich tapestry of light, color, movement, sensations and the irony that springs forth from the continuous flow of situations and events.

These impressions have become a deep part of me, intermixed with my own life experiences, tastes and training. I express all this in my paintings, more specifically into a symphony of harmonious, rhythm (movement), colors and textures that draws the viewer into that painting which ultimately becomes a microcosmic expression of the beauty and oneness of nature itself!

I am highly influenced by the brilliant luminosity of the southern tropical light which becomes transformed into a plethora of colors and textures on the canvas.

I use a palette knife and thick heavy brushstrokes, working in multiple layers and sessions, I termed my style "Tropical Impressionism".


Amanda Johnson is an acclaimed artist known for her breathtaking tropical impressionism paintings created with a palette knife. Born in Northern Wisconsin and inspired by her travels and studies in New York
City, Paris, Prague and India. Amanda graduated from the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago in 2005 and was inspired by the impressionist collection at the museum which has heavily influenced her work today.

In 2008, Amanda trained with renowned realist painter, David Leffel from the Arts Students League in NY and others from the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago where she experimented with the chiaroscuro technique, dating back to the Renaissance that focuses on the expression of light and shadow. Amanda held her first solo exhibition at the Palette & Chisel in February of 2009 which synthesized her training as a contemporary artist and traditional.

Her process is an emotional expression that is mixed with technical proficiency to create each masterpiece, with some paintings taking weeks or even months to reveal their final form.

Read the blog post Amanda wrote, “Out Of Darkness – How I Developed My Style” for an in depth and personal account of how the artist developed her style. 

Today Amanda is known for her impressionist paintings of tropical island seascapes and subjects using vibrant colors and palette knife techniques which brings a sense of paradise to each canvas. She has taught oil painting at the Florida Keys Community College, she routinely paints in her studio and en plein air (outdoor/on sight painting). In 2012 she opened Amanda Johnson Gallery in the historical Old Town district of Key West, where she showcases her works of art.

The Artwork

Original Oil Paintings Check here to see what's currently available!

Textured Canvas Giclees These are limited editions (of 50) and are hand embellished with oil paint and signed by Amanda which makes each one uniquely original! Visit Limited Editions Gallery!

Learn about the giclee process here!

Custom artwork is very often the perfect solution. Whether you've been on the hunt for that ideal sized painting to fit your interior. Or, you'd simply like to enjoy a very unique oil painting to commemorate and celebrate what is important to you.
Custom artwork can be created as an original oil painting, or as a canvas giclee print. Learn more about the commission process here.